Back brake and four pegs

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1/10/2014 9:16 AM

I was just wondering what people think of running a back brake and four pegs. I honestly feel more comfortable with a back brake and i also ant to ride four pegs for grind variations. What do you think 4 brakes 1 brake or 4 pegs no brakes


1/10/2014 9:26 AM

I run brakes and two pegs. Ill probably switch to four in the distant future. But youre asking stupid questions.
Do you like brakes? If so, use them
Do you like four pegs? If so, use them
Do what you want and quit depending on what other people think.


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1/10/2014 9:40 AM

Ride your bike however you want. I ride with two Brakes and 4 pegs. Charlie Crumlish is an example of a rider that rides with 4 pegs and a brake.


1/10/2014 9:57 AM

Mr. Crumlish is a Fucking BAD ASS with 4 Pegs & a Straight Cable Back Brake!!! Brakes are a bit of "Non Trendy" Item right now, BUT!!! It does NOT mean anyone cannot ride them! Set YOUR Bike up how YOU want it to be set up!!! Get Out RIDE IT & Have FUN!!!!!!!!!! smile


1/10/2014 10:37 AM

no that isn't allowed. available options are:
front brakes and 3 pegs
no brakes and 2 pegs
two brakes and four pegs


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1/10/2014 11:37 AM

4 pegs
front brakes


1/10/2014 11:42 AM

^ is what i usually ride.

4 pegs and back brake right now need a new cable for the front, as i type this i realised i can use this spare straight cable...


1/10/2014 11:44 AM

How experienced are you? Nothing I hate more than seeing kids who just started riding with brakeless bikes. Brakeless should only be an option for those who have mastered bike control.

Brakes may not be trendy now, and there are some positives to not using them, but I use my brakes to do neat brake tricks and also to avoid getting smoked by cars!

I'd say ride 4 pegs until you find out what side you're most comfortable grinding on. Hell, if you get good running 4 pegs, there will never be a spot that you can't ride!


1/10/2014 12:42 PM

^That sucks, 'cause i've just started learning to ride and i run no brakes sad

Go no brakes & 3 pegs tongue

But, like everybody else says. Set it up to how you ride/want to ride. If you need a brake, rock a brake. If you don't, don't. If you need or want or think you might need in some occasions all 4 pegs, rock all 4 pegs.

As much as i'd like to be cool, pulling off the tricks is cool enough. What your bike looks like and what parts you use doesn't really matter unless all you're hoping to do with your BMX is pose for pictures. Run what you need to run to do the tricks you want to do.


1/10/2014 3:37 PM

ive been running 3 pegs and a brake for the last month, but unfortunatelyi cant anymore because of my new frame, the fit wifi, until i order some removable mounts
3 pegs and brakes are fun as hell


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1/10/2014 4:51 PM

pnj wrote:

4 pegs
front brakes

This this this
Also a flag pole seat post


It’s all bmx

1/10/2014 5:07 PM

I know people running breaks up front and in back with four pegs and a bash guard that they beat on


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