Backflip Ramp Plans

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4/22/2016 3:08 PM

Hi everyone,

So I want to learn how to backflip but building a foam pit or getting an air bag costs a fucking fortune so what I am going to do is build a 6 foot high quarterpipe with a deck and then wedge ramp and then put a gymnastics mat on the deck. However I can't find any plans for this which is effectively 2 quarterpipes with a deck in between. First of all I was wondering what the actual name for this is and second of all if anyone has any plans for this or knows where I can get some.
Also if you don't understand the shape I am describing it is the one in this video:
Thanks in advance for your replies.



4/22/2016 3:41 PM

Box Jump. Hit up the guys at and they can help you with any questions.


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4/22/2016 7:24 PM

I'm thinking a freestyle motocross supper kicker ramp scaled down a little bit would be perfect make it 6 feet tall