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5/16/2013 4:13 AM

What bag does everyone use when riding? I'm often (most of the time) riding with a bag and mine is wrecked, so think imma get a new one soon... but i dont know what. Anyone have any suggestions? i want something that i can fit my laptop in, it to have chest straps as well, i hate bunny hopping and then my bag flies over my head :L


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5/16/2013 9:46 AM

My bag is called pocket.
I usually use friends tools hehe.


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5/16/2013 10:35 AM
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I just use a regular back pack and put chord around it as a chest strap or stuff everything in your pockets


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5/16/2013 1:18 PM

I got some generic type thing at Frey Meyer. It has a padded back section, many pockets and 2 chest/belly strap things. I like it much better than my friends name brand ones. (mine is a name brand but just a 'normal' store brand' not a bmx style brand)


5/16/2013 1:35 PM

School bag, just take books out and put stuff in


5/16/2013 2:45 PM

North Face


5/16/2013 4:00 PM

Grocery bags. Triple rap that shit bro.

No I have an old jansport back pack. Works for me.


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5/16/2013 4:08 PM

some old back pack


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5/16/2013 4:36 PM

I've been rocking the Fremont bag forever and it's dialed! I even used it as my camera bag until it started falling apart after 5 years. Now its just my casual bag I take to work. It's a great bag if you can get your hands on one, Fremont isn't really around anymore so good luck finding one, I'm sure you still can.


5/16/2013 5:05 PM

I actually made my own bag at home and its made out of all my old jeans and jumpers and is supper thick and strong, every now and then i'll add another compartment smile


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5/17/2013 3:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/17/2013 3:35 AM

I have a Dakine Varial and it's pretty sweet. I can use the skateboard carry to carry a filmer board or a tripod and I just wrap my camera in a jumper and throw it in.

I'm going to get a Dakine Mission Photo soon though, seems more fitting for my photo needs.