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3/31/2016 9:15 AM

What would be a good twitchy,quick responsive bar Geo,would 12 back sweep and 1.5 upsweep be good???


3/31/2016 9:32 AM

A bar with shorter width and reasonably tall rise. However, bar geometry wouldn't normally be something you'd look to for setting up something twitchy. Look for either a shorter reach stem, forks with different offsets, and, if you have the money, a frame with a steep headtube angle.


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3/31/2016 10:04 AM

Sweep won't affect how twitchy your bike will feel.
It's all personal preference when it comes to bars. I personally find narrow, lowish bars more responsive and more comfortable. But most people disagree


3/31/2016 2:47 PM

Tall bars are less responsive


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4/1/2016 1:30 AM

Straight Guage tubing and rise is all the matter imo , dropped over a bill to try 4 degrees upsweep compared to 1.5 and didn't notice fuck all but the stiffer feel of the SG tubing


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4/1/2016 1:38 AM

That depends on the gauge of the tubing, thin straight gauge tubing will flex more than multi butted tubing. 4 piece are generally stiffer though.
I personally can't ride bars with less than 3 degree upsweep, and I like a fair bit of back sweep. I find it a lot more comfortable.