Bars. Tree vs odyssey?

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2/27/2016 4:51 AM

I don't know if I should get the tree moto bars in a 9.5 rise or the odyssey boss bars that come in 9.125. They both have 12° backsweep, the boss bars have 2° upsweep but the moto bars have an option of 1 or 4° upsweep. Which do you guys think would be better??


2/27/2016 5:51 AM

It really doesn't matter. Both are really strong.

However that's a big jump from 9 1/8 to 9 1/2 rise. I would figure out which rise fits you better and roll with that. Alternatively, just get the shorter bars knowing you can space them up if you want.


2/27/2016 8:40 AM

I personally prefer more upsweep. Feels like it "pops" more and easier on the wrists.


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2/27/2016 2:03 PM

Ive only ever ridden 1-2° upsweep. I messed up my wrist a few years ago (not sure exactly what I did to it.. Its the only thing I wish I went to the hospital for) and ive heard the higher upsweep is better on wrists


2/27/2016 10:49 PM

Aaron_Whitmore Jr. wrote:

Ive only ever ridden 1-2 upsweep. I messed up my wrist a few years ago (not sure exactly what I did to it.. Its the only thing ...more

It's all personal. Upsweep has more to do with how wide you hold your bars than anything, since as you reach further out, your wrist angles up more. I rode 4 up on 28 and hated it with a passion, it felt terribly uncomfortable to me. I've found my happy spot at 2-2.5 on 28. If I were to ever want substantially wider bars, I would go with an extra degree of upsweep to compensate.


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2/29/2016 6:32 AM

I've bent a pair of tree motos.............go odyssey. The little bit of extra weight is worth the piece of mind.


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