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9/26/2020 7:22 PM

Hey dudes, I've been down lately, my wife has had some heart, cardiac irregularities and issues, and my Chrome GT that I restored got stolen and I just have been bummed out. We got her blood pressure fixed looks like. The bike getting stolen is peanuts compared to her issues but I worked hard to get that bike cleaned up and I made it my cruiser for the rides with my fam, the kiddos especially. I should be around more.


9/26/2020 7:38 PM

Damn bro, sorry to hear, hopefully things lighten up for ya...

Hope you find who took your whip and have a good time kicking the ever loving shit out of em...


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9/27/2020 5:51 AM

Shit. That’s no good. Hope things get better.


9/27/2020 8:38 AM

That bike has gotta be in the next county at the nearest, if not it's being sent to Cali as we speak, that mofo can't ride that bike around here. Thanks fellas


9/27/2020 1:10 PM

Hope everything gets better man.


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9/27/2020 1:57 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/27/2020 1:58 PM

Maybe whoever stole it has an "accident" and their legs don't work for a good long while. Try to think positive, it'll get better.


9/27/2020 4:27 PM

Post the bike on the stolen bikes section of bmxmuseum w/ a serial number if you have it


9/27/2020 7:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/27/2020 7:52 PM

Sorry to hear the wife is having health issues. Hope it gets figured out and fixed quickly. Be an advocate for her with the Doctors and don't walk away without getting your questions answered.

I've been there with the heart thing and worrying and the waiting for any answers was the worst. I lucked out I guess you could say because its just (supposedly) unexplained Tachycardia and I developed Anxiety from all of it.

To be honest and frank, it's gonna suck for you not knowing and all the guesswork/tests before you hopefully get things straightened out. And I mean you are going to be going crazy with worry and shit. But I'm telling you this because you need to be strong and supportive so that maybe it will take that weight off of her shoulders and put in on yours.

Good luck. Good thoughts thrown you and your wife's way.


9/27/2020 9:34 PM

That definitely is a bummer all the way around. Try not to stress more than you have to though. I had a heart attack a few years ago, and was back to work with a couple of stents in a matter of a few days. Believe it or not, arthritis (rheumatoid) has been a bigger health burden for me than the heart issue as the docs are really good at working on cardiac issues these days.

Be there for your family. The bike can be replaced. Hopefully, the scumbag who stole it will pile themselves up on it and lose all of their teeth as a result.


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