Beginner bmx bike?

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5/9/2014 2:29 PM

My little bro wants to get a light small bmx for skateparks or/and dirt ramps price range £260 under I would say, any well known beginner onebreak bmx bikes which are light? Thanks


5/9/2014 2:34 PM

Try this Bike
Pretty dope if I say so myself



5/9/2014 10:12 PM

Might be over budget, but the Haro 000 would be awesome. for brakless anyway. I would try looking into Sunday, Stolen, Subrosa to name a few.


5/9/2014 10:54 PM

It's £10 more than your budget, but this is the best bike I could find at that sort of price range. It has a Chromoly Frame, Sealed Front Hub and Double Walled Rims as well as a few aftermarket parts.


5/10/2014 11:52 AM

It's currently out of stock, but this one is pretty good for a low price


Please be kind I am only a beginner :]