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arewolfe arewolfe
6/12/2018 9:51 AM

Hi all,

Long-time brakeless rider planning to build a bike for dirt jumping. I searched a bit but would like to hear opinions on these 2 question:

1. Is there an industry standard for 990 brakes, or will anything from a reputable company suffice? Basically I'm looking for someone to point me towards something specific because I see Dia Tech brakes for $19.95 and other stuff closer to $50.

2. When I build or buy wheels, should I be looking for specific type of rim, or will anything work with brake pads?

Thanks in advance. I love riding brakeless, it's made me a better rider in many ways, but there are two bigger dirt jump lines where I've started riding this year with shitloads of trees on either side, and I want to hit them eventually (the lines, not the trees!).

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pnj pnj
6/12/2018 10:20 AM

any brakes can be set up to work well. Some of the cheaper ones flex more but can still be set up.

With colored rims you can use super soft clear pads and your brakes should work well. HOWEVER, clear pads are notorious for squealing SUPER loud. The trails we ride are often not legal and we would probably ban you for trying to ride our trails. smile plus it's just super annoying to hear constant brake noise.

I'm running G-sport wheels and I went through a ton of brake pads to find ones that would work AND not make noise.

As far as brake set up goes, you're going to hear a bunch of options cause like many things, it's personal.

My set up goes

Tech 77 lever (I've run 'em since the 80's)
Slic Cable Linear (I think most brands are the same)
Odyssey brakes
whatever pads work and don't howl.

BUT, like i said. any set up can work. I ran dia compe 990's for YEARS. even those Springfield things work well.

It's all about lubing the brake mounts. make sure the pads hit the rim correctly. clean the rims/pads. Lube the cable.

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
6/12/2018 10:58 AM
pnj wrote:

any brakes can be set up ...more

Basically this. Different things will work in different ways. You could buy the Springfield kit and it'll do the job. Or a hombre which will also do the job. Or something like the evo 2 which will do the job a little better. Being good at dialling in the brakes is the biggest difference really.
Chrome rims are generally a better braking surface, and less likely to squeal

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arewolfe arewolfe
6/12/2018 11:53 AM

Awesome, thanks you guys.

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am-shaegar am-shaegar
6/12/2018 12:44 PM

From my own experience, don't go cheap on brakes.

If you don't want all sort of weird noises every time when you pull the lever and low stopping power that is.

I currently run shadow Sano, no complaints there.
But my next pair of brakes will be 34R Clito

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Super-Pawl Super-Pawl
6/12/2018 6:06 PM

If you can, go with a chrome rear rim. Braking is just so much better on them. Almost a night and day difference. I also run dual compound Kool Stop pads.

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Gack2000 Gack2000
6/12/2018 8:13 PM
pnj wrote:

any brakes can be set up ...more

grumpySteve wrote:

Basically this. Different ...more

This is fact. And to add to it:

1- Clear pads on colored rims or Eagle in red-ish. Clear is best, but Eagles work good. Problem is only clear don’t wear paint fast (yes even black rims but all will in time.

2- While it sounds stupid, the more you pay for a cable the better brake response and feel your going to have. Just a basic cable for $4.00 will work (drip some oil in it). But, due to friction on the lower end cables the feeling is not as good. And they are more prone to snap on you.

3- The $15-20 range will stop you. However, as many said they do flex some compared to higher price brakes such as Odyssey EVO II’s. Kinda what many people say: “ Buy cheap and you buy twice”. In BMX on some things it’s a fact. And seeing I ride brakes and minus a 4 month experiment I have rode them for the 30-some years I have been riding. Which leads me to #4

4- If you are on a budget then yes, buy what you can afford in that range. But, if you can afford it get something like EVO II’s and get clear pads if you can if you have painted rims.

Best brakes I have ever run is Demolition. Which happen to have bearings in them. If you can work on brakes, it takes practice. And get everything perfect...then you can make almost anything work pretty good. And the better quality the better they will work and feel.

My setup right now is:
Lever- Odyssey med lever that I custom bent to my liking, DO NOT try bending a lever if you never have!!! watch a video and be very careful or you will snap it.

Cables- SNAFU Astroglide dual setup (I run a gyro) if I run just a straight cable, I get something in the $8.00 or so range and put 4-6 drops of Slick 50 in it.

Brakes- Demolition

Pads- Odyssey clear pads

Gyro- Odyssey Odyssey GTX

I have had the same exact lever for 4yrs now. Seeing I custom bend my levers I run them till they break OR I just want a 100% new bike build (and even then I tend to keep it). The Demolition brakes are about 2yrs old only because I managed to snap the slot the pad goes in. My set prior was 5yrs old and due to injury I sold my bike. They probably are still pretty much good but I haven’t seen the guy I sold the bike to in awhile.


Don’t try the Coke or anything like that tricks. Yes, it can work but the best way to have good braking is Clean pads and rims. A bit of rubbing alcohol on a rag and clean both every few days is probably as good IMO better.

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arewolfe arewolfe
6/12/2018 8:20 PM

Good shit everyone. Thanks again.

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Jibby Jibby
6/13/2018 1:43 AM

Don’t bother with the Springfield’s, can’t seem to get mine to work properly, currently using the black ghost pads that came with them, so maybe it’s them, but I’ve had no luck with this brake. Just a heads up.

Also if anyone on here has any tips to make the Springfield’s work proper that would be much appreciated

Ride everything

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Mychaylo Mychaylo
6/14/2018 6:46 AM

Make sure your pads are the right way around, got a Springfield and literally just bolt on and go for me no problem and plenty of stopping power.

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pnj pnj
6/14/2018 11:46 AM
Jibby wrote:

Don’t bother with the ...more

what's the issue with them?

do they function correctly (pull lever, pads hit rim, release lever, pads /arms go back to normal position) ?

If not , start there.

If they function correctly but just don't stop you when the lever is pulled, then it's the brake pads / rim combo.

Brakes are really simple. They ALL function the same way.

Try some clear pads?

I own two pair of springfield brakes. They work as well as my $100 Fly brakes. (they do flop around more on the posts but the 100% do their job)

BUT, as I mentioned in my first post, some pad/rim combos just don't work well together.

You can try to clean the pads / rims with alcohol. I do this every time I set up new brakes or after a month or so when the brakes stop working as well.

lube the cable.
lube the posts
clean the pads / rim.

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