Best BMX company of 2013

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1/6/2014 6:02 PM

Which company was the best of 2013? Take in account: videos produced, new parts they made, new riders they sponsored, and other accomplishments of theirs.

I'm going to say MGP because they finally left the bmx market this year.

But seriously, I'm going to say Subrosa as company of the year. This year, they put out Guti, which was a sick video. They also released several awesome web edits. RIch Forne, sick rider, joined the team.


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1/6/2014 6:03 PM

FBM, the best company of every year


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1/6/2014 6:08 PM

Odyssey. Always bringing new, innovative parts and backing them up with a real lifetime warranty. Also an incredible team.


1/6/2014 6:12 PM

Primo considering how they nearly died out, then came back full force with a stacked team & great parts. Aside from the Re-Shit rear hub.


1/6/2014 6:18 PM

Eclat without a SINGLE Doubt! The Products they put out last Year & I guess moving into their "2014" Line which the majority of was actually released in 2013 haha! But they are seriously UN-REAL Quality, the TIME & EFFORT they put into making their Products a cut above the Rest is REALLY paying off!..

Also they are kinda connected, Wethepeople have really stepped up! I mean I am totally biased after what They did for Me. BUT, I'd been in contact with Them for MONTHS well almost the entire YEAR trying to organize a 20" Top Tube'd Patron & then out of No Where I get told They're sending Me the Utopia Line! Well Look at Their Frames, Forks, Bars?! GREAT Spec's, UNBELIEVABLE Quality, All the Extras?! Hydroformed Tubing, Internally Threaded Top Tube for THE BEST Removable Mounts I have EVER come across! Investment Cast Seat & Chain Stay Bridges, Drop Outs, Integrated Chain Tensioners, NO Heat Treating because of troubles in the past, They have left that alone & from OBVIOUS Results of NO warranties from Cracking/Snapping it paid off! Their Team is ridiculous! The Edits they put out too! Mike Curleys Summer Edit, Rain Or Shine!

Also DUB, I must add them into the mix! O.K They are more of a UK based Company but they do have American Riders on the Team! They had the Collaboration with The Shadow Conspiracy, Joe-Tek, & of course Federal with the Chiller Frame! & Then, Then They put out arguably THE BEST DVD of the Year, If not THE BEST Street DVD EVER!!!!!! They Put out GREAT Clothing, They Have A MASSIVE Team of some of the biggest Heavy Hitters in Street today! Then they do the Collaborations with Companies connected to some of Their Pro Riders & some AWESOME Parts come out of it! Whats not to like?!


1/6/2014 6:48 PM

Redbull for putting on so many contests, making a gazillion sweet videos, and holding down one of the best teams.


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1/6/2014 7:02 PM

I would say WeThePeople parts wise, The completes where without a doubt the best all around.. The new frames they came out with, with all the new features like investment cast and I think Hydroformed tubing too. The frames had the investment cast at the top tube thing which made them weaker. What made them recover was. Them announcing the new Supreme V2 hubs, and the new frames look sick.. Team wise they're wasn't much.

Team wise.. I think we can all say stranger, everyone was like da fuk did stranger go, but then.. They came out with new parts, and a whole new team.. The stranger complete doesn't look to bad ether, I love the new seat to..

Least improved I'd say was Sunday, nothing really good.. No new frames other then the motoross which sucks dick.. They also fired that guy I forgot his name to.. He had the odyssey sand bars

Cult gets honourable mention, the team is good. I love aks riding.. They improved on the khc free coaster design. They now have a frame with grind plates.. They stopes having a lot of generic parts like premium. The match is the best hub ever, I know it's a mix, but primo fucked up real bad, by making the remix, should of kept it the name just improved whatever problems people had with the hub. The gum dehearts amazing tires from what I hear.. Cult van grips are also amazing. Actually fuck it cult wins in my book. They changed they're image like completely.. I don't think they released anything else this year besides the match rims, oh wait.. They came out with the butter frame, I know 2 people riding it they say it's amazing. The new investment cast forks look good to. The next thing they need to do is different frame geos


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1/6/2014 7:23 PM

Little devil back from the dead


1/6/2014 7:26 PM

Fiend with more parts realeasing , Deadline getting out , huge apparel improvements with both Deadline and The Trip , and just involving alot from a guy with a passion shared with his friends.


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1/7/2014 12:09 AM

fbm or eclat!


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1/7/2014 12:58 AM

eskimojay wrote:

Little devil back from the dead




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1/7/2014 2:03 AM

Eclat is the most progressive and innovative brand out there. They have proved, that they're one of the best brands in the bmx world. Also they've put out the "Native" series, which is a killer. They always bring out good products, and they have a pretty good team riding for them.
Also WeThePeople, their Frames and Parts are awesome, if not as good as the parts from Eclat. I love them for bringing back the SupremeHub and even if they have Eclat for their parts, they still try to make their own better. Their team is also awesome and their edits are good. I probably watched "rain or shine" 20 times. They also think of the people that are on a budget with Salt or Salt+, while still maintaining their quality.

But i need to say, that i'm a little bit baised, because i live in the town where WeMakeThings is based, so everyone here is riding their stuff. But they are still the best brands out there for 2013.


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1/7/2014 5:30 AM

Eclat. Period.


1/7/2014 5:50 AM

I'm starting to like fit even though they haven't released much.


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1/7/2014 6:50 AM

Eclat and Cult. Hate on Cult but they've been on fire the last year or so.


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1/7/2014 7:21 AM

Eclat, Cult, Primo, Animal, and Odyssey. I think Volume is pretty good too because their completes are high quality bikes for a nice price. If I were to buy a complete today, I would buy a Volume Infantry!


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1/7/2014 8:54 AM

Tree, FBM, Odyssey, Little Devil. End thread


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1/7/2014 9:09 AM

eskimojay wrote:

Little devil back from the dead



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1/7/2014 9:47 AM

Parts company: Demolition for sure. Demo has (in my opinion) one of the most versatile and talented teams right now. On top of that, all of their parts are reasonably priced and ridiculously good in quality. In all honesty, they are my favorite company of all right now.

Frame co: S&M. Bought a BTM this year and im pretty sure its the last frame ill ever buy. amazing.

Little devil came back which is pretty cool. I'd like to see them get more popular in the coming year.