Best BMX for around £230?

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10/13/2015 3:22 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/13/2015 3:26 PM

Hi, looking for a bike for my friend. Want to know what is the best bike he could buy for £230 or under? Maybe abit above 230 but would be better under. I am going to try make him buy a Custom off Pinkbike but if he doesn't then he's wanting something stock/new off a website.

He showed me this but I think it isn't a good bike as I have never heard of the brand before + it being on the mafia website it's probably crap.

Click here


10/13/2015 3:28 PM

Probably a mongoose


10/13/2015 5:53 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/13/2015 5:57 PM

try Chain reaction, Eastern's wolf dog with full cro-mo frame on sale for 260 pound.
There are others on there as well like the academy aspire ( its a colony) for 210.