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5/9/2014 8:04 PM

I think im gonna get a gopro hero3 but I don't know what edition to get it in? Which do you get the most for your money? Can you tell a difference between the silver or black edition? Are the features in the black really worth the extra $100? How's the white version? Which should I get?


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5/9/2014 9:20 PM

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5/10/2014 3:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/10/2014 3:23 PM

The black edition has more resolutions you can record in which is nice so you can shoot in a higher resolution (say 2.7k) and crop the video to reframe your subject while still retaining full hd resolution (1080p.) You can shoot in a few more frame rates on the black edition, most notably the 120fps at 720p which isn't available on the silver edition, only 60fps at 720. If you dont know what that means I'll try to explain. Basically you need 24-30 fps (frames per second) to have smooth motion in your video. Anything under 24 fps will be choppy and start to look like a slideshow. So if you shoot in 120fps you can slow the footage down around 25% of the original speed while still maintaining smooth motion. At 60 fps you can only slow it down around 50%. The black edition also has a slightly better dedicated camera as well as better lense. It also seems to perform better in low light as well. Overall I'd say between the two get the silver if you're gonna be filming 1080p videos and leaving the clips untouched. The image quality between the two is hardly noticable. But, If you are gonna be editing your videos a lot and are a big fan of slowmo get the black edition, thats when there's a noticable difference in image quality.

Dont Overlook The Sony Action Cam

That's what I own and I love it. Got mine for $100 on ebay and it works great. Full 1080p video (30fps, 60fps) and 720p (120, 60,)
The Image quality is on par with my friends hero 3 black. The mic on the sony as15 is a lot better than any gopro. Actually records some decent audio. It uses a stardard tripod mount so there's tons and tons of accessories out there that fit. Also, it has image stabilization (you can do the same thing in an editing program, but its less time consuming having it built in) and there's wifi built in to use your phone as a viewfinder or transfer videos. The only problem (well not a problem for me) is that there isn't a dedicated still camera. But you can however take timelapses which was all I wanted. Also the sky can be a bit overly blue on sunny days but thats an easy fix in post production.

Hopefully you found this helpful smile


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