Best Tires to run for all-around?

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5/15/2015 8:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/15/2015 8:03 PM

I'm looking for a pair of tires that won't let me down. I don't grind, but I ride everything. Street, park, dirt etc. Something lightweight, but also good protection against flats and something that is fast. I don't like big tires so anything over 2.25 is to big for me. I usually like to run 2.25 front and 2.0 rear, sometimes 2.25 front and 2.10 rear. Thanks.


5/15/2015 8:05 PM

Knobby Odyssey Aitken tire up front, Kink Vela in the back. I've been running that setup for 11 months now and it's awesome. Grips on everything no problem and they're pretty damn light. The Aitken looks almost new, but the Vela is getting close to done but I also do tons of skids.


5/15/2015 8:08 PM

Have you tried the Lyra? It seems a little big for my liking but I'm sure I can get used to it. I was thinking of doing FAF 2.25 and Vela 2.10.


5/16/2015 1:22 AM

I have "Chase hawk 2.20" tires, and they are really amazing. they have amazing grip, fast and strong.


5/16/2015 1:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/16/2015 1:24 AM

The kink vela / lyra are awesome, you can ride anything with them.

I really like the flybikes tyre on front for an all around use.
On the rear and in the size you like there is odyssey path (not sure if it´s still avaiable anywhere) or the primo lee dennis in 2.15".

I had just buy one primo lee dennis in 2.30 and i could not find anything better for a back tyre, it´s not really a 2.30 but i feel this is the good middle between a 2.10 and a real 2.30 (my bsd donnasqueak 2.25 is bigger) i use the bsd as a front tyre for street park, and put the flybikes on to ride dirt.


5/16/2015 4:56 AM

Tioga streetblock


It’s all bmx

5/16/2015 4:59 AM

Aitken streets. 2.45/2.25.

I'm also gonna try Mainlines on my new bike, but they are sitting in my garage waiting on the frame.