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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
3/4/2017 6:22 PM

I run og bob bars that are only 25" wide. I also run brakes. I am using an old odi toadstool grip on the right side because it's shorter than all the new grips and lets me have room for the lever. Eventually i will need to replace the grip and i was wondering if anyone knew a brake lever that takes up less space or would work on the bend better than my diatech dirty harry lever. I've read the eclat sniper lever is good on the bends, anyone run this lever?

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readybmxer readybmxer
3/4/2017 8:40 PM

I was just about to suggest the Sniper, lol. I've seen it in person at a shop, I can imagine how sweet it'd ride on a bend.

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am-shaegar am-shaegar
3/5/2017 5:04 AM

How about:
Gold Finger

Also, I run Shadow Sano on the bend, and it works great

I think that any lever that has a hinge will work on the bend.

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TKeck TKeck
3/5/2017 9:26 AM

If you'd rather make you bars wider than find a skinny lever Matt Beringer makes bar extender bar ends. They come in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1" lengths.

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cmc cmc
3/5/2017 9:31 AM
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JonnyGanja JonnyGanja
3/5/2017 9:39 AM

i remember those days haha

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Super-Pawl Super-Pawl
3/5/2017 10:13 AM

cmc is that yours? Because daaamn!

Whats wrong with a Dirt Harry? Its perfect for the bends. But anyway the Fly Manual one looks like it might work on the bend.

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
3/5/2017 10:23 AM

That's what I was going to suggest haha. Tech77, and bend it out. We used to just put a ring spanner on it and bend til it was at our desired angle

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Cellmember Cellmember
3/5/2017 4:14 PM
readybmxer wrote:

I was just about to ...more

Only thing is they have terrible lever wobble. Still a nice lever though other than that, I bought one but don't use it just because of that, I'm super picky when it comes to brake performance. tongue

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Cellmember Cellmember
3/5/2017 4:15 PM

Does anyone remember the gold finger lever ?

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cmc cmc
3/5/2017 7:53 PM
Super-Pawl wrote:

cmc is that yours? Because ...more

Nope. I just Googled some mid-school bikes to find an example of the old bent-out Tech 77 thing !!

It's much better to just run handlebars with a narrower bend-to-bend distance, then use a full length un-bent lever (like a Tech 77).

Short "one-finger" or "two-finger" levers have less leverage.

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