Bethany BMX 2015 Mixtape

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9/5/2015 7:39 PM

If you watch our YouTube videos, you are probably aware that we have been working on this edit basically all summer. It's finally done and I am pumped with the outcome. A lot of crazy stuff has happened while making this video, I #rekt my elbow/arm, Keith did a sweet 180 down a 6 stair, Max did a crazy curved wallride, and I did a handrail after being mutilated by it. I am super stoked on this edit. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link: ">

We called it a mixtape because Keith suggested it one day and we thougtht it would be pretty cool/funny.

"If you can't beat me on a bike, beat me off." -Will Stock

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9/5/2015 8:13 PM

handrail was a banger


9/5/2015 8:37 PM

You guys are gettinh rad! I was so Stoked to see you land that handrail at the end!

I was waiting for you guys to post it since I watched it after Maximus told me a bout it!

Solid edit! Looks like you guys had a blast,

As far as constructive criticism, just like in the future try to work on your lighting. Some of your guys' tricks had the focus taken away from them just because a lot of bad lighting.

But keep riding and keep filming. I look forward to seeing you and your crew progress


9/7/2015 5:36 PM

This is my favourite edit of yours so far.
All of you are getting much better, keep it up mate, be waiting for next video, ive also let few mates no about your YouTube channel