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cblack612 cblack612
3/2/2016 3:50 AM

Whats up guys? Im new to this site page/forum just a quick question id like some feedback on. Im 25yrs old and ive been big since i was a baby. Ive always been althletic though. Ive played hockey, baseball,football, snowboarded, and bmx until i was a senior in highschool... im 6'1" 220lbs. (Big, but i can throw/control my weight and am still athletic) Ive been thinking about getting back into bmx. (Street riding specificaly) but im worried about my size/weight.... not worried bout my physical skill, more worried about a 25lb bike holding up to my weight. Any bigger riders out there? Any recomendations on frames/rims? Not worried about the weight of the bike, just something that wont bend a fork or pop a spoke?... p.s.. i dont need hate comments about me being fat, thats why im trying to get back into bmx.. working out while having fun, with a hobby! Thanks!

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
3/2/2016 4:25 AM

Your best bet is getting a decent complete, then upgrading parts as you go. Only trouble with that is there aren't many longer framed completes on the market. More than there used to be though.
It all comes down to budget really. If you can afford a custom and get stronger parts, go for it. That way you can pick parts based on spec and rep. Don't go for anything too light as it's usually more prone to break because of having less material. That's not always the case but a good rule of thumb.
There's some pretty bomb proof rims out there now. Frames are a little hit and miss regardless of lifetime warranty etc.

Go on a few online stores, see what deals they've got, then ask on here for opinions or suggestions. There's bound to be a couple of people that have had good or bad experienc with most parts on the market

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TKeck TKeck
3/2/2016 5:41 AM

As grumpySteve said, if you can afford to, invest in strong, quality parts. Look for a full chromoly frame and fork and wheels that are double wall with a welded seam.

There are some bigger guys at there who absolutely kill it. Check out Habo from Tree or Phil Arellano.

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Francky Francky
3/2/2016 10:13 AM

Weight doesn't matter at all, and 220 lbs isn't that much, of course you'll be more likely to get some solid parts over the (weaker) light parts.

The thing that really matter is the height, for 6.1" I recommend a 21.5" frame to feel comfortable (21.25" at least) but unfortunately complete bikes never comes with frame lenghts over 21". You can build a custom bike but it will end expensive. This is stupid because some complete bikes around 400 / 500 $ are perfect to start riding (full cromoly frame / bars / fork and double wall rims) but the frames are too small =...

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ticaleb ticaleb
3/2/2016 10:15 AM

6'5" and been as heavy as 235 lbs. never had a problem with my bike holding up.

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
3/2/2016 11:19 AM

I'm 6 feet tall and 255. You'll be ok.

220 isn't necessarily fat either, especially at that height. Check out some of the local shops-Penn, Erik's, and some of the smaller ones and see what they have. Chass at Penn (I think the Minneapolis loication) is an awesome dude to help you out, he's like 6ft4 or so and has to be in the same ballpark for weight, he knows his stuff.

Hit up 3rd Lair in Golden Valley when you have a bike!

Also hit up the MN RIDE BMX Facebook page, tons of stuff for sale on there, and sometimes SUPER cheap. Right now a dude has a Mutiny Obscura, a stem, fork and bars I think for 250.

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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
3/2/2016 2:42 PM

Just make sure you buy high quality stuff and you should be fine. Full chromoly frame/fork/bar and you want double wall rims with a welded (not pinned) seam. Good luck man, have fun!

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