Bike/Car Decals?

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9/26/2016 11:36 AM

Anyone have bmx decals on their car and or bike? Show me some !
Any websites that have nice decals for a reasonable price?


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9/26/2016 4:12 PM

Ya I have some on my bike but I have even more just chillin around. I make all my own stickers which is the cheapest and most satisfying way lol. I'll get some pics later like tommorow. I don't have my bike right now.


9/26/2016 4:19 PM

I have like 3 on my bike, and a few on the car. A bunch on a toolbox, my pump and might load up the bike stand in my basement.

I also have like 200 more in a folder that I have yet to stick to stuff.


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9/27/2016 8:39 AM

only on my car...and right now just a Dans Comp one and one that says "Give Blood...ride BMX" from our local BMX shop. Waiting to get my Verde sticker once I get my bike.

I have thought about ordering some of the old Mongoose replica stickers to put on my roof rack and back window as well

I don't like to pit stickers on my bikes, but do have some on my drum practice pad...


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9/27/2016 8:47 AM

I have an fbm heart sticker I got free with my sprocket on my frame, to cover up a dent. I don't like stickers anywhere on my bike usually.


9/27/2016 11:27 AM

I always put a danscomp sticker on the non-drive side downtube near the bb of my bikes.


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9/29/2016 2:19 PM

No decals for me I'm afraid. I remove them all, even stickers put on from the factory. When I was a kid though, I used to love the sticker packs that came with Ride BMX magazine in the UK. I'd find a space for every single one of them on my bike somewhere! Haha!


9/30/2016 2:08 AM

On my BMX, no car.

SOURCE BMX stickers from Hastings, England. WBASE sticker from a small local (maybe only) BMX shop in Tokyo, Japan. BSD Acid Face, my local group's "ALLHASHCREW" sticker, and I'll put a few more on that I got as I'm in Japan right now. I'll update my Bike Check when I get home in a week.


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9/30/2016 4:01 AM

No stickers on the bike altho I've got some on the helmet (sticker-bombing it). Stickers/decals on the bike are a pain in this part of the world, as they eventually manage to peel off or degrade real quick (humidity, mud, rain, UV).


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10/4/2016 6:54 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/4/2016 6:55 AM

Grabbed a few of each of these just tonight in Kyōtō. Hopefully put them on a new black helmet. Waterproof and UV-protected.



Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.