Bike Recommendations for 9yr old and Dad learning together

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8/1/2016 10:38 AM

I'm looking for bike recommendations for my soon to be 9 yr old AND me. We would both be new to bmx/freestyle and I thought it would be an awesome thing for us to learn together. I have not been on a BMX bike since I was 13. We have a bmx track about 30 mins away from our house and a local small skate/bike park in town. I imagine it will be a lot of riding in the driveway/neighborhood/yard, trail riding, bike park, and some bmx track.

For him:
Budget $200-$275 (maybe a little higher)
Size: He is 51" tall and skinny. I'm thinking a size 18"? Or will that be too big? My concern is that if I get him anything smaller he'll grow out of it in a year or 2.

For me:
Budget $250-$325
Size: 5' 8" and 200 lbs. I'm thinking a size 20".
Considering: A Verde AV or Cadet, Kink Curb, also a 2016 Haro Downtown on sale for $280

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or advice on what I should definitely be looking for or staying away from in terms of components, companies, features, etc.


8/1/2016 11:21 AM
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U would want to try and get 100% chromoly frame, sealed bearings, double walled rims, integrated headset. It will be hard to get all of that for under 350 tho. Look at Sunday, fit, and SE completes on, your height you would want a 20.75 or close to that. goodluck


8/1/2016 11:38 AM
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What he said^^^ i rode a 20 inch at 9 years old. Adjust handlebars a smidge back and slam the seat. My mom said It would be a better long term investment and it lasted me like 5 years until I was big enough to break it. I think Mongoose mode 900 is a great option for both of you! Also check local ads/ebay/for sale forum/etc. For hidden nuggets of bmx gold..


8/1/2016 12:01 PM

Do some research - a lot if possible. Your son can definitely ride a 20" tire (is that what you meant?). My son is 7, but same height, and I got him a basic cheap new bike to start out on.

For myself, I got a bike off CL. You just gotta research and find the top tube length of the different models and sometimes different years. You'll find some older stuff on CL that is either too heavy or just outdated. You want sealed hubs and a sealed bottom bracket with a 3 piece crank. Front sprocket should be pretty small. If the bike you are looking at has the crank bend and go in to the bracket, its likely not sealed. If the front sprocket is very large, its probably an older bike.

Newer bikes have better geometry for larger riders. That said, if you're doing trails or bmx parks, you might want a 24" wheel bike. For skatepark type stuff, stick with the 20" wheel with at least a 20.75" TT. The more chromoly in the frame/fork/bars/stem/turnouts/etc the better. I bought a strong bike, but I still hear it creek a bit under me at times.


8/1/2016 4:04 PM

18" for him is good, or a light, angled tube 20" (like an aluminum-framed one until he gets stronger). For you, chromoly & 20.5 or so.


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8/1/2016 5:01 PM

One of my kids is 9 and he's just getting started. I bought him a Mirraco 20" and it fits him perfectly.


8/1/2016 11:58 PM

verde vectra is a 20" with a really low frame for smaller riders. only thing is its hi ten and not chromoly. but hes gonna outgrow it eventually and want something more build for adults. also if hes only 9 hes not gonna beat on it enough to break it. for you just get full chromoly so itll last as you get better over the years.


8/3/2016 10:14 AM

I'm a 30 year old guy with a 9 year old that rides. Here's what we are doing (for now) and these are somewhat approximate and from memory (I'm not home right now, and maybe remembering frame sizes, etc. wrong):

I bought him a Haro Revo from a lady in town for $15 (seriously, I was sure it would cost me at least a bit more) and we fixed it up a little with some new parts and adjustments. 20" wheel but a smaller frame (maybe 19"?). He was 7, but now he is 9 an still riding it. He rides it around town and at the nearest track on weekends and stuff. For his birthday this year, I picked up an old Haro (around 2004ish F-series) and stripped it bare. Painted and rebuilt wit spare parts from the house. It's a bigger frame (20.5 I think) and a little lighter, but it wasn't in terrible shape when we found it either. I told him maybe next year we'd pick up something. He's about 5'0" and 95-100 pounds (think built like an average football player).

I'm 30, 5'10" and around 200lbs. I got way out of shape in college and started exercising and working out again when I was about 25. Lost 50 pounds and ran a lot. Rode MTBs and road bikes a lot - raced a few triathlons (sprint and attempted olympic) and a few MTB races (a few XC races, one Enduro festival race last year). Rediscovered BMX/Freestyle a while back. I'm riding an old Specialized Fatboy Vegas for now (bought used off CL on a whim) and it is a 20" wheel with a 20.5 frame I believe. I'm thinking my next purchase will be a MTB, but after that I'll probably replace my BMX (thinking this winter). It's not a bad sized bike, it is just heavy and I'd like something newer/lighter/etc. for next spring to race on. Also, I'd like a longer TT because it does feel kind of cramped sometimes. I also have a GT Compe that I ride at the skatepark, and it's a lot of fun but just not something my son's into yet.

Although I've done it, I'd hesitate to buy something used. So many bikes are abused, but if you find a deal...

Also, getting something to work on together is always a good idea -- if you don't already know, you can learn, if you do know, you can teach him...

Also, in my looking for a new bike, reading the Old Guy's Guide to Re-entering BMX was a good first step before I got too far.


8/6/2016 3:29 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2016 3:37 AM

Mongoose Mode 900
Or buy used


"haha, did you steal that bike? hurhrhrurhurr" "no, fuck you thats just the brand."