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7/1/2013 3:12 AM

What are some good bikes under $700 and have everything black but the frame?


7/1/2013 3:16 AM

Don't buy a damn bike by the color.
But in your case you're lucky cause the Fit Wifi complete is a dope bike and has the colorway you're looking for...


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7/1/2013 3:30 AM

Buy the best $675 bike and a can or two of spray paint


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7/1/2013 3:33 AM

id say check your local site thingy like craigslist or kijiji you could find a pretty good complete for a nice price i but my 2011 kink gap with everything stock but the grips and i think pegs for 160 and its like 300 on dans on sale for 200 something now not really a pro complete but it holds up for my riding so i'm not complaining i'm already investing some mola into it to make it a more proper ride


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