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6/25/2014 1:04 AM

I am doing my internal assessment for Business & Management on investment appraisal and in other words I have to consider a real business and see if them investing in something would be profitable in the long term.
I chose to do my local bike shop cause I know the dudes and they're really chill about everything.

I thought that they could invest into purchasing a stock of GSport rims (which they currently do not have)

So my question is does anyone know the price at which bike shops purchase these rims? (on average they usually retail for €100)


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6/25/2014 1:36 AM

I THINK it was about $45 or so for a G-Sport Ribcage, I'm not sure what that would be converting it to your currency though offhand. I just remember when I got my 2 Ribcages from the shop, the total was around $90, give or take some change, so I figure $45-ish.

Keep in mind that's only ONE distributor, some distributors might vary too including international prices & stuff like that.


6/25/2014 6:01 AM

Anything a shop "invests in" is profitable. From complete bikes to inner tubes to the junk food and soda. No shop is in business to sell goods for less than what they paid the distributor. In fact, a distributor typically will not allow you to do so and continue doing business with you. Whether or not the shop makes a profit is a different matter altogether.

If this really is for a business class and you're not just trying to find out shop prices for haggling, you do not need the actual shop price. Just make up something reasonable because your teacher is not going to spend hours validating costs for each student.


6/25/2014 6:38 AM

I actually need this for class (I'm fine with parts haha)

What I mean is with long term is calculating break even (So the quantity needed for the business to break even on the investment) average rate of return and gearing ratio.

But yes I'll try to use the sundaybmxRR's information, thanks.


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6/25/2014 7:01 AM

Id put atleast 50euro since this is europe and shipping costs $$$$.




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6/25/2014 10:43 AM
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6/25/2014 11:27 PM



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