Bike stolen?

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7/11/2017 11:14 PM

OK so I just built a custom from frame up that's exactly the same parts and dimensions as a bike I had stolen 5 years ago. What is your experience(if any)with having bikes stolen? Did you get it back somehow? I always use locks and always have but my lock was cut the one time I had it stolen, have you ever found a lock thats nearly impossible to break thru? I haven't found an unbreakable one yet but maybe..idk.
Cheers everyone
This is also my first post on forum so hello all



7/11/2017 11:34 PM

Any lock can be cut through. I barely even trust locking mine up for more than a few minutes to run into a store quick. I use the Subrosa Combat lock, it's kinda thin but it does the job when I wanna run into a store for a drink. The average person isn't gonna have something to cut it with on hand, and if they do, I can see my bike through the windows usually so I'd know what they're up to and hopefully be able to run out in time. I'd imagine a beefy chain or a U-lock would be the best bet but even then if a potential thief has enough time, they could still cut through it so I'd heavily advise not leaving it out for extended periods of time.

I've never had mine stolen (knock on wood) but I've helped get a few bikes back for my friends in the past. best one was when we got a tip where the supposed thief lives, I knocked on his door and talked to him like I was interested in a bike I heard he had for sale. he got all excited, described it as "animal bars, forks, uh, animal frame... uh, really animal everything" (which is funny cause I built the bike from my spare parts to sell to my friend, and they all had animal stickers on them) so he brings it outside and goes to shake my hand & formally introduce himself and I cut him off saying it's stolen.

he goes "no it's not I built this bike from the ground up a couple years ago". I respond with telling him every part on the bike, where the dents & little details are and now he looks a little shook but still says it's not stolen and how he bought every part and built it up. I read the first serial number off for him and he goes "uh actually it's--" and I cut him and said "yeah I'm getting to the second one" and read that one off, and he's in shock and just goes "just.. just take it"


7/12/2017 2:24 AM

I use one of these, 0.7m long, the only thing which is 'normal' bolt cropper proof really. I leave it parked up in areas with semi / pro thieves operating like University Bike parks etc.

Almax Immobiliser Series III + Squire SS65CS Stronghold Lock

Can of cause be cut off with grinder, but it should keep them busy for a minute or so. Grinding makes a mess and noise so not normally used in areas with people about....

Only downside it the weight at around 5kg, half the weight of the bike its locking up!



7/12/2017 3:12 AM

I use a sold secure gold rated abus D lock. It's pretty small so it's a pain in the arse to lock my bike to some things. But that means there's less room to fiddle with it. Any lock is breakable, so you just want something that'll take as long as possible to get into. My bike is also on my home insurance, so even if I don't lock it, it's covered to £1600 (which is what it would cost new).

I had my old s&m pbr stolen twice, the first time at knife point. Luckily a couple of days later my friend saw it, he was with his dad, so they just took it off the guy (who bought it the previous day for £50). The second time was in a skatepark while I wasn't looking. I just chased the kid down and took it back. I was going to give him a slap for it, but he lived in a rough area near the skatepark and I figured he'd get his pykie family and they'd hassle other kids at the park over it.

I was very lucky both times and hate leaving my bike out of sight now


7/12/2017 5:44 AM

i caught a kid trying to steal my bike a few years ago. so I gave him my bike about 3 or 4 times. he didn't really want it after that.


It’s all bmx

7/12/2017 10:04 AM

My first 'pro bmx bike' was stoled from me at a local fair, it was a 2008 kink roc complete with pro grade parts: 48s sealed cranks, sun envy/rhinolite rims, sealed hubs etc. But i had painted the stem and pedals a zebra pattern color, never found out who stole it but years later i heard there was someone who rode trails a half hour away and Had zebra painted parts on his bike.. i did research and had buddies look around but no luck. So now 5 years ago i decided to start building a custom kink bike which is still my current frame 'kink outfit' half of the reason was an in memory for my other kibk roc bike, close to same dementons and size frame, and the other reason is it was a good price and strong durable frame. But the kink roc that was stolen from me really was my stepping stone, i learned 360 t-taps on it, got better at mannys, higher bunny hops/180's, gturns and fakies. I left the bike behind a flower shop with no lock thinking it would be okay cause i had it pretty hidden in a stall behind the building.. i came back an hour later and she was gone. Never make that mistake again


7/12/2017 10:13 AM

All locks can be broken

That being said this:


should keep you safe for some time

Bloody thieves!


7/12/2017 10:33 AM

look into decent rated motorcycle chains and locks, they aren't cheap but 99% of scumbags arent even going to consider attempting to waste their time trying to get through that for a bicycle, my bike came with a thick cable lock but no key and i had it cut off the bike in less that 5 seconds only using a hand operated tool, and remember we are in an age with cordless lithium-ion powered tools all over the place meaning ultimate portability for thieves to cut through stuff.


7/12/2017 7:49 PM

So since we're on the topic, this might help. Shoutout to Alfredo/The Come Up for the lesson and Subrosa for the product


7/13/2017 3:59 AM

Some industrial grade chain and a big ass u lock.

Never had my bike stolen (knock on wood) but had a bunch of skateboards and a motorcycle stolen. Over here, since theyre soo many bicycles, theives tend to go after road bikes. Those are guaranteed to fetch a high price (anything with 700c wheels here is usually mid to high end). Mtbs arent safe either.

Bmx bikes tend to be seen as cheap kids bikes but theres always someone who knows a thing or two so its best to be safe than sorry.

But to be fair, unleas you have armed security guards 24/7 for your bike, theres always a chance it can be stolen. People have had their cars smashed and bikes taken, homes broken into and bikes stolen, at weaponpoint while riding it, etc. You can never be too sure.


7/13/2017 9:44 AM

idec i leave my bike out. i watch it though if someone goes to pick up they're getting their shit rocked


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