Bike weight and your bag o' tricks

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9/19/2007 9:15 PM

So I just wanted to know the weights of my fellow rider's bikes so i can compare and determine whether or not my 35 lbs tank is as heavy as it feels. also i want to post my bag of tricks and see yours. here's mine:\\

360 out of bowl
360 tailtap
tailtap on QP
flat barspin
fakie ( turn around, w/e you wonna call it )
270 on a hip
feeble grind
double peg stall
feeble stall
almost got flyout barspins
manual for a few seconds if i'm lucky...
nose manual... bout same and reg manual
almost got clean 3s on flat ground
360 tailtap on flats
not too much but there ya go. i've been riding for almost a year


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9/20/2007 12:20 PM

i rode an s&m holmes next gen for a very very long time and refused to get a new one. that bike was like 40 pounds. my point is is that when i did finally get a modern set-up( my bike's @ 27now) i found i could KILL on that mo-fo. it seams to me that your just starting out, so ignore the weight and focus on tricks and fun...


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