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7/12/2015 4:44 AM

After what I think might be in the region of three hours searching for bike not including the time spent educating myself on all details etc. I have finally sercum to just asking what to get.

I'very ridden my mates bmx which had a 21.5 TT which I think is definitely to long for me as he's like 6ft 3 and I'm 5ft 10 so I thought a 20.5-20.75 TT would be about right and I like his gear ratio 25/9. So my dilemma is I know that obviously the more cromoly the better but I'm having trouble finding one in my price range. I'm in the UK and thought I'd found a decent enough bike for me as a beginner and in a colour I like too (added bonus) but then only to find out that Diamonbacks are suppose to be rubbish.

So I put to you the probably most widely asked question in the sport, what do I get? I have about £250 would I ideally like as much cromoly as possible andDas said before probably 20.5-20.75 in length and 25/9 gear ratio what would everybody suggest?


7/12/2015 5:57 AM

Check out European brands, they will tend to have lower prices because you're in the zone... US brands bikes prices would include import and shipping prices...

WeThePeople is a really nice brand.

Then there are some.

Total BMX, maybe...

Who can help me make a list of European bikes?


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7/12/2015 1:24 PM

I do agree on the WeThePeople bikes but struggling to find one with a decent amount of cromoly that's with in my price range I would spend that bit more but being a beginner I didn't want to go crazy with the cash. Also are the Diamond Back bikes really as bad as people say? What is so bad about them I was going to go for a 4130 full cromoly frame and 3 piece crank (cromoly too) Photo would be this one.%


7/13/2015 3:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/13/2015 3:17 AM

Your not going to get a full cromo bike for that little money.

Diamondbacks are a cheap brand, but how much of a beginner you are will determine how the bike holds up. If you truly are a beginner that cant bunny hop or barely, the bike and any other brand will do fine untill you build some skill. If you can do jumps and maybe 180's or something already then you might want something a little better and a diamondback is not that, though a beginner wont wreck any bike unless you crash it haha. Get a brand with a good rep.

Go on a website like and there are quite a few good brands to look at for reference


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7/13/2015 5:26 AM

Yeah I've realised that haha but I thinks it's going to be fine as I am going to be a complete beginner and unless the frame breaks I can replace other parts smile thanks for your help everybody.


7/13/2015 5:29 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/13/2015 5:30 AM

If all goes well and I really get into I'd save for a nicer bike probably something by WeThePeople
and sell the other hopefully before I'd break it haha


7/15/2015 12:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2015 12:03 PM

I got a premium for a first bmx it has held up surprisingly good for being a complete. It sure isn't dent proof tho. Haha