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1/17/2011 5:08 AM

I used to ride odyssey cassette and rims ( V3 tripple wall) but recently switched over to mirraco Black label due to price difference and the fact that i hardly saw any difference in the two brands. I have been riding in a warehouse now on the black labels for 3 weeks and have had no issues. I truly believe the rim and cassette comes down to how decent you can land a hard landing.

Recently some guys continued saying these black label cassettes and rims were total crap but i just cant see how this is justified as i have had no issues with them, not to mention they are lasting just fine with my riding style that was abusive on the odyssey rims. I did some research on them and there is very little information available about there quality (i think there to new on the market) Is there any further word on the black label product? I am about to buy 2 new wheel sets from black label for my other bikes but im thinking i should hold off if there actually is a problem with quality and durability.

i should mention that i switched to black label because i bent my odyssey rims twice and did not enjoy dropping the large amount of money for a rim that i knew was going to bend again, im not saying there rims are crap, i just don't want to spend a shit tun of money on a wheel that i know im just going to bend again. If i bend a black label, its only half the cost to replace over the odyssey.


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1/17/2011 5:34 AM

How old was the Odyssey rim?


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1/17/2011 6:31 AM

I had no problems with the rim personally, but the hubs were total pieces of shit. I think the hubs maybe lasted me 6 months until they were completely shot. Blacklabel=MirraCo completes.


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