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2/28/2014 2:18 PM

Lately I've been noticing quite a few black and white edits online. What's your guy's opinions on black and white edits? I think they're a pretty cool idea and it's something that you don't see too often. I'm for them but I think too much of them could be a bad thing.


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2/28/2014 2:21 PM

Seeing as the 2 greatest BMX movies ever were black and white (Anthem and Anthem 2 if you don't know anything about BMX) I don't have a problem with it. Maybe they are trying to get on that level of radness?


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2/28/2014 2:58 PM

I prefer normal edits, no need of 1080p quality neithet.




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2/28/2014 3:41 PM

subrosa does most of theirs in black and white. it looks good


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2/28/2014 3:50 PM

I love that shit


2/28/2014 5:19 PM

The anthem and anthem II videos were good but I feel like subrosa overdoes it a bit


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2/28/2014 5:46 PM

theyre alright. if anyone has seen the afray edit, its like they emphasize the reds and warm colors and kinda subdue other colors, i like thT. but not a huge fan of all b&w


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2/28/2014 6:12 PM

it annoys me honestly. i always felt like the anthems would be so much better in colour. oh well


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2/28/2014 6:28 PM

I don't like it. Street is colorful. I want to see that color, even if I am color blind.


2/28/2014 6:31 PM

Anthems looked amazing. The subrosa vid just irritated me for some reason. That type of riding suffers in black and white. Just me though.


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