Blank parts any good?

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7/3/2017 4:39 AM

Hey, i was thinking of replacing my forks and bars. All the reviews for the bars say that they are good, but the forks dont have much information.
They are:
Blank Generation V2 Forks
Blank For Peace XL Bars.

I would like to know if the low price point is because of shit quality, or if its just good value.


7/3/2017 6:46 AM

You get what you pay for. If something seems too good to be true.... What makes you think they can make the same quality parts as other companies at half the price? I don't think it's possible. I also don't know anyone that has ridden those parts, so I can't say for certain. If they were so great, and cheap everyone would ride them right?


7/3/2017 9:25 AM

They're chromoly, so they won't be really terrible. Probably similar quality to salt aftermarket parts, or the parts you get on a complete. I wouldn't trust those forks though, not with the cut outs in the dropouts, especially if you use pegs


7/3/2017 9:53 AM

I wouldn't. Budget parts never seem to last for anyone. The bars seem alright, but don't put them under too much abuse.