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12/31/2014 6:01 AM

No real main purpose to this post other than to thank you, bmx community. I rode bmx for a few years and really enjoyed the friendships that were started because of it, all the new people i met, how in shape i was and the general feeling of waking up to a 60 degree day and riding till midnight. I really don't have time for it now and wish i was still into it, but bmx was a part of my life that hopefully at some point will be back to but for now good bye. Bmx is truly something different and all of the riders that make up the community show how much of an impact it has on their lives. Thanks for the time guys….. TJ.


12/31/2014 10:11 AM

I've been riding for 15 years and change now, and I started riding a couple hours here or there, got to the point where it was sun up to sun down I was out, and even in some cases sun up to like 3 or 4 am the next day. Now with a full time job, a 3 month old son, and a wife, I ride around 1-4 times a month for a few hours each go. Not where I used to be, but I still love it. I actually haven't ridden street in a year + now because I just don't have a lot of time for cruising around.

Enjoy your time off, and when you get a spare hour or two, hop on the bike and have a little fun. That's what I do. A 15 minute session by the garage while I am grilling food is common for me this last summer because my wife had a rough pregnancy. Now that Jaxson is here, we can go for walks, bike rides and hopefully I can hit the park and such a little more often.


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