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12/1/2017 5:42 AM

I was reading a topic the other day about someones experience with online sales with a lbs. I didn't want to rob that companies thread so I started a new one. Just wondering if anyone has used Bmx Guru? They are a lbs and I love them. I buy from my lbs when I can but I have ordered a lot from them and can honestly say, i have never had a better online experience then with them. No I don't work for them. I live in Maine and I believe they are in Michigan. C&W Cycles is the store name. Bmx Guru is there online store. Check them out.


12/1/2017 7:38 AM

I've ordered from bmxguru a couple times. I don't recall exactly what I got from them, probably just some small misc parts, but I remember it being a good couple transactions. They are definitely on my list of places to order from.

I used to use Dan's for everything since they basically were my local (2 1/2 hours away), but now I'm perfectly happy sending my money to them boiz at Empire, they always take care of me quickly and professionally. + they have a really good selection of parts and 10% off year round.

Inb4 "support your locals" comment.
Majority of us, especially in the Midwest, don't have shops that support us or BMX. If I were to go to one of my local shops to get a replacement part, they would rather try to sell me on a MTB because "I'm too old for bmx" instead of calling in the part I need. Then they'll charge me +50% of the retail value for said part, and none of that extra dough will make it back into the sport. I would much rather support a mail order or out of state BMX shop, because I know that they're gonna get me what I need, and the profits are either gonna go back into the industry or be used for events/sponsoring events.


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12/1/2017 7:08 PM

Ive ordered from Empire three times (international order from Texas, USA to Bangcock Thailand). Any issues that popped up were quickly resolved through communication, and they are even nice enough to not include the full reciept (which helps SOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO MUCH with helping decrease the import charges). Plus free stickers, poster, DVD, T-shirts.... thats just extra incentive for me to order from them again.

Dead Sailor BMX. Ordered from them twice. Pretty cool guys from England that were a pleasure to purchase from. Free bottom bracket and headset with most frames, and free headset with forks. They refunded me a good portion of the shipping fee on my second order.

Ebay seller: Masterblasterplanet
One of the few eBay sellers that Ill order from. professional and the only issue that popped up was when he didnt have any Bone Deth penetrators left in black so he asked me if Id be OK with chrome and at no extra charge at all (chrome plated parts are usually a bit more expensive than unchromed parts).


12/2/2017 7:22 PM

I've also ordered from BMX Guru and really like them. I placed an order for tires, had second thoughts about the tire size, and had a friendly email exchange (they changed my order before shipping).

Also been happy with Albe's, Planet BMX, and Porkchop BMX. Like them all!

I've had good experiences with Dan's in the past. Just placed an order a few days ago and was wondering why it hadn't shipped. Turned out one of the items was backordered. Might not have placed the order if I knew.


12/2/2017 7:35 PM

That was the first thing i noticed about them. I asked a question and got a reply a couple hours later. Not a couple days or not at all in some cases. Shipping speed thrilled me also. Everything i have ordered has shipped within 24 hours. About half the same day. I received every order within 3 days.


12/3/2017 4:36 AM

The Guru is awesome. I’m lucky enough to live close enough to hit up the actual store. Ran by great people, and the customer service is fantastic.