Bossless crank removal

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7/13/2016 6:46 PM

Hey everyone , so I have Premium 1948 bossless cranks on my S&M . They're cool , but pretty weird as a bolt is only on one side , hence the bossless design . I went to go take them off ( which I have not done before because they're fucking weird ) but had no luck . I took the bolt off the NDS , and went to go hammer off that crank arm but it didn't move an inch . Old user Topsey sent me a video and his crank slid off easily as fuck but I used a mallet and no luck . I imagine that crank arm comes off , then I hit the spindle / sprocket out with a mallet and boom cranks are off , but nothing worked ?

If someone can link me a video of 3 piece installation of maintanence that'd be cool , I got Animal 3 piece cranks because I know them better then this bossless bullshit . I used the tool that comes with the Animal cranks but it didn't work ( I barely have used them before , so not confident at all with them ) .

I'm probably going to a shop tomorrow because I got a BB and I hate anything bearing oriented besides headsets , but if I can learn how to do things I'd appreciate it. I might post pictures later


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7/13/2016 7:41 PM

Grease on the splines when installing-and any threads or anywhere metal contacts metal.

Outside of that, I used my non-drive spindle bolt to pull the arm onto my old 1948s, and would tap as close to the spindle as I could with a mallet to get them apart. RARELY would I tap the sprocket side, making sure to ONLY hit the space where the arm and sprocket touched-to avoid damage to the sprocket.


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7/13/2016 11:01 PM

Brand new splines are always really tight. You could try loosening the bolt a couple of turns, then smack the bolt with a rubber mallet to get it moving. Not ideal on brand new cranks but it's how I've always taken my profiles off and the threads are still fine