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cole_rides cole_rides
12/11/2013 9:25 PM

post you top 5 favorite hubs

Bike Check [url=,108028/setup,86510]

Insta --------------- cole_rides

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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
12/11/2013 9:30 PM

Oh god…… this is one of the most re-posted threads on vital….. prepare to be shit talked… here we gooooooooooo

Old bike VVV

California Living

I now have a more or less stock sunday scout with a complete Demo rear wheel. Sue me

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
12/11/2013 9:41 PM
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SickDude SickDude
12/11/2013 9:43 PM
sundaybmxRR wrote:


Beatles are teachers, I sleep with a fork

I ride for my papou.
Cats got 9 lives I got four.

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Xxohioanxx Xxohioanxx
12/11/2013 9:48 PM


Mainly because most brakeless riders are like "lol brakes are for pussies #swag" but when we're going down a hill I have to wait at the bottom for like 5 minutes because they were too scared to go fast. That makes me laugh.

Also because I don't want to end up in the creek at our trails.

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SickDude SickDude
12/11/2013 9:49 PM
Xxohioanxx wrote:


Mainly because ...more

#t1barcodeswag #mostswagframe #yoloheadtubesticker

I ride for my papou.
Cats got 9 lives I got four.

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handlebar-to-face handlebar-to-face
12/11/2013 10:02 PM
sundaybmxRR wrote:


SickDude wrote:

Beatles are teachers, I ...more

Beatles are forks, i sleep with teachers

Murica bike check
REFS four, tomdon, bmx1995, jared42069, obiwan chromoly, hate breeder, nshs2010, asilva23, rascio,
Alfred NYC, Kymike, chuck8273(kind of), tc86, Ugot2dewitt, LLURider, dprc, ecuadevil, scramhype, Mario.villegas90(X2), dirtstars22, Brian_Griffin

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
12/11/2013 10:21 PM

Random picture , it said hot so I chose it

Instagram : braydenbuckingham
My Cult 2 Short

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ThugLifeBmxRiderz ThugLifeBmxRiderz
12/11/2013 11:00 PM

If only he had girls like that ^ that supported biking..

Bang Bang bmx

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OneGuyIlluminatiEye OneGuyIlluminatiEye
12/12/2013 9:12 AM

looks like ill have the only non troll reply

in order from my knowledge of hubs

rear hubs
primo mix
odyssey antigram
g-sport ratchet

front hubs
Gsport marmoset
simple eject
daily grind
primo n4L
odyssey vandero sucks but lasts while doing it

Testimony and apologies

I want everyone to know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of your sins, he went to hell for three days and defeated death and rose from the grave on the 3rd day.

What would Jesus say: I didn't die for you to live like this!

old edit

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Ricked_Em Ricked_Em
12/12/2013 9:28 AM


Da Laird

unfuckwithable ill

Refs-brokenbmx, MaximusBikes, Brian_Griffin, Colonydirt94, Aebasher

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Soulrebelrastaman Soulrebelrastaman
12/12/2013 9:54 AM

I think BSD & eclat deserve a mention.

Freestyle is the answer to everything --
a fresh way to approach a dull or a
dangerous thing.
to do a dull thing with style
is preferable to doing a dangerous thing
without it.

Os 94
Ms 01
Ns 12

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12/13/2013 2:20 PM

shadow raptor(i have one)
gsport marmoset
profile mini
eclat pulse

gsport rachet
demolition anorexia
demolition rotator
shadow raptor
shadow btr

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