Broken Ankle Joint

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12/23/2015 9:25 AM

so, I broke my ankle joint in the end of July 2015, almost 5 months ago, and I am thinking of getting back on my bike again.
The fracture was a rather complicated one, since I broke my Fibula about 5 times and also damaged my Tibia and all of the ligaments. Therefore my fibula is still strengthened by 8 screws and some metal. The recovery is doing great progress so far and I am feeling pretty confident on my feet again, although my foot is still swollen an I haven´t regained full mobility.

Has anyone experience with this kind of injuries ? How long have you been waiting to get back on your bike ? Should I wear some kind of ankle guard ?

Greetings from Germany


12/23/2015 9:30 AM

I would ABSOLUTELY wear an ankle guard. Maybe take up road bikes for a little while (or just cruise on a bike you can easily sit and pedal) around to regain mobility.


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12/23/2015 10:45 AM

5 month the bone is good to go, most of the times is everything around the bone the problem. Dont rush anything, juste have some fun in front of your house for now, see how your muscle can take the hit. What the doctor say? He's the the right one to answer that i think.


12/23/2015 11:01 AM

I'd ask a doctor if I was in your position


12/23/2015 11:11 AM

Thanks ... the doctor says 6 weeks until the bones and ligaments have recovered, 3 months until I can start doing sports and 6 months until i can fully stress my foot. So it should be fine. I will wait until my last x-ray in January and I will ask my doctor again, but he sadly has just a limited knowledge on action sports.


12/23/2015 2:13 PM

Ligaments take a long time to heal , let them heal properly , if you rush it and they get fucked up they never heal 100 % again


12/23/2015 3:03 PM

I would definitely get a brace/guard of some sort, and EASE back into it by just cruising around on your bike to see if your ankle can handle it for starters, then slowly work your way back into it. You said you're 5 months into recovery and after 6 months you can fully stress it, so what I'd do is just cruise for the last month and AT MOST, only do the occasional bunnyhop up a curb if you have to. Then at the 6 month mark, ease back into it with small tricks and go from there.

I'd advise trying to find a doctor that specializes in action sports too and get a second opinion if you can, better to listen to him than some guys on a bmx forum haha


12/23/2015 3:08 PM

I wouldn't. At all.


12/24/2015 6:18 PM

My friend broke his ankle similarly although it wasn't as bad. I think he broke both the tibia and fibula and required surgery with screws and a plate. It took 6 months before he was back on a mountain bike and a few months extra before he got on a bmx. This is going to take awhile to heal and unfortunately you will have to take it easy for a bit. Follow what the doctor says but my guess is that it'll need another 1-2 months before you can start riding again. I would take it easy; getting back on it too soon can make things significantly worse. I'm sorry to hear about your injury and hope that the recovery is going smoothly.