Broken Collar Bone

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10/23/2013 8:49 PM

So Thursday I was riding. I was hauling ass down a hill and I try to hop UP some stairs. Long story short, I have a broken Collar bone. The Doc said I got about 6 weeks. I want to ride ASAP. I was figuring with a little badassness, I could pull a Mat Hoffman and be back on the saddle in 3.
Anyone else ever done this? Ideas?


Put in work.
Put in work.
Put in work.
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10/23/2013 8:51 PM

I would just wait.


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10/23/2013 8:54 PM

Mikel8149 wrote:

I would just wait.

It has been healing rather quickly though. No swelling, just soreness


Put in work.
Put in work.
Put in work.
Flacko put 'em in the dirt.

10/23/2013 9:15 PM

Yeah it would be badass to do it but don't. I had a back problem for 2 months I think I pulled something, and I would think it felt better and do a bunny hop and would hurt like a fucking bitch, finally I had to wait like 2 weeks before I was fully healed and could ride.


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10/23/2013 9:38 PM

I did that with a tore ligament in my ankle. I tore it again even worse and couldn't ride for 6 months, I fucked it up bad.


10/23/2013 10:11 PM

Yeah, don't do that.


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10/24/2013 4:09 AM

I hate the thought of breaking that particular bone, guessing that must hurt pretty bad.

Not sure you should fuck around with your recovery tho, give it at least 4 weeks and take it easy for a bit.

Happy healing bro.


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10/24/2013 5:54 AM

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Hopefully yours doesnt end up as bad as mine.

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10/24/2013 6:35 AM

Don't do it.

If you ignore it and ride anyway, you could cause more damage, be out longer.

Just listen to the doctor.

I ignored mine on my shoulder years ago, been plagued with issues since, cracking, soreness, even easier dislocation. DON'T INGORE THEM.


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