Broken Crank

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2/1/2017 12:13 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/1/2017 12:16 AM

Hello all, my fit bike crank has stripped out where the pedal goes into. My question is, why do the cranks cost so much ? what is the difference between a replacement 50 dollar crank and a 200 dollar. If it is worth the extra, what is the best bang for my buck. Thanks


2/1/2017 12:17 AM

You may be able to get the thread re tapped, depends how bad it is though.
The difference between cheap and expensive cranks is strength and weight. That comes down to the design and material used. Cheap parts are a false economy as they won't last as long. Plus they'll be heavier. You could probably find some good cranks on sale somewhere, as long as you're not too picky about brand or colour


2/1/2017 12:45 AM

Fit indents are on sale for $100 on Thier website. Get them.