Broken leg! Any one else!?

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9/29/2014 11:22 AM

So about a month ago I broke my leg and I was sitting in a hospital for a week and a little! Oh yeah I broke my tibia and fibula. I snapped my tibia right in half and spiral fractured my fibula. I broke it will I was out cutting laps on my dirtbike! I fell down with my leg under neath the bike and and twisted the shit right out of it. But yeah I got transferd to another hospital for them to put me to sleep and put a full leg cast on my leg! Right up to my hip and I had that for 4 weeks intill I went for X-rays and after that the doctor came and told me that it's not healing, which I already knew! But I had 2 decisions to keep it in the cast or put me to sleep and have a rod and acouple screws put in. So they put me to sleep and I had surgery! It was only gonna be a one hour surgery but turned into a 4 hour surgery because they had to rebreak my bones that parts that healed a bit and now I have a rod and screws in my leg! So now I have to go back in a week . By the way this surgery happend a week ago! I go back in a week to get X-rays! So that's my story's what's yours! Photo





9/29/2014 12:35 PM

wow that sucks! You had a big surgery.
Hope they give you enought painkiller to erase the pain


9/29/2014 2:21 PM

Never broken a leg. Looks like that hurt REALLY bad! Atleast you get some sick scars.


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9/29/2014 7:19 PM



So it was 5 am the sun was not even rising. I was on a night ride on April. Everything was cool and all of that when i had to cross the street and was only one car waiting for the green light so i just went through the street i guess he didnt saw me or eve realized i was there because by the moment i was in front of the car it changed green and he hit the gas with everything he got! i just remember the engine going loud and the he hit me i was ON THE CAR! and my bike was going under the car then after seconds he hit the brake I just flew away and landed i didnt really felt anything until i tried to stand up! i put my left foot on the ground and oh hell! it hurts! i felt again the guy just got down to see his car and then he left! he went around me while i was on the floor. I took my bike and used to stand up and hop to the sidewalk and well the back wheel was stuck so i had to picked up with a broken ankle. I KNOW! the story was so dramatical but true. Two screws in my tibia as u can see the picture only a little piece of bone broke thats it! and my bike was trash the frame bent the wheel bent the pedals broke the tires went to hell and i just sold it for 20 dollars and built a new one. Just now im starting being able to run. good luck men! I hurt really bad when it got swollen i cant imagine u that got worse than me

9/29/2014 8:03 PM

Isn't that considered a hit and run?! ^


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9/30/2014 1:36 AM
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Damn that looks nasty bro.

I broke my hand about 6wks ago, fucking sucks man, codeine & booze have helped tho. Haha.

Get well soon, take it easy.


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9/30/2014 9:41 AM

dayum. that looks like afucking knarley break


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