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1/29/2020 5:48 AM

Late night Craigslist cruising. I’m a sucker for gadgets and deals. Scored a cheap BMX for the price of a set of pegs. It’s garbage but will serve my purpose and I can get my money back when I get bored of it. Disassembling it to make a hang five machine and moving the rear pegs to my beater. That will find it’s way into a manual machine. Probably pull the chain and hang the rear from the pegs.

Anyone else have a compulsive need to collect garbage? Or experience with either a hang five machine or manual machine for that matter? I’d like to learn hang fives and get better at bringing the front wheel up for big hops. Seem like cool toys to have laying around otherwise.


1/29/2020 5:58 AM

I tried the hang 5 machine. I cannot hang 5.


Don’t put 25.4 bars in a 22.2 stem.

1/29/2020 6:32 AM

I can hang 5 a real bike for as long as I got speed and once I tried the “hang 5 machine” just for fun, it’s dumb and also wayyyy harder to balance than a real hang 5.


1/29/2020 12:28 PM

I hang 5 on a manual machine, does that count? Use it mostly to practice peg balance points when I can't actually ride, seems to be helping a bit.


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1/29/2020 12:41 PM

I’m like that but with scooter parts lol.

I’ve tried the hang-5 machine and I agree that there’s really no substitute for the real bike, I could never get it haha.


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1/30/2020 8:07 AM

Spongeworthy wrote:

I tried the hang 5 machine. I cannot hang 5.

Ive gotten about 3 blocks doing that, its sad how impossible it feels when the bikes together though lol


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1/31/2020 2:59 PM

Built my manual machine. $5. I had an old scrap 2x6 and deck screws laying around though. Pictured with the 24” cruiser.