Buying new BSD Donnasqueak 2.4" tires.

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2/9/2017 7:46 AM

I want to buy new tires BSD Donnasqueak 2.4" now im running 2.35" are new tires going to fit my fork and frame? Can you tell me your opinion based on these photos?


2/9/2017 8:26 AM

Looks like they would...this might help though, has the actual measurements on the site (Desc 2).. I have the 2.4" and danscomp recon 63mm, I get them to be around 61mm.. but that is with a pretty low PSI so I guess if you run them at max pressure, or on wider rims, they might size up larger..


2/9/2017 9:36 AM

Yes it should fit.