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10/16/2015 12:35 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/16/2015 12:37 AM

Ended up deleting all my footage from this summer

So I got a new phone from warranty but I had to return my old one within 5 days , I worked 4 days in a row and never really thought about storing the files or anything but sure enough I didn't . It was the last day and I don't have internet at the moment . Been using a neighbours wifi so I couldn't upload them to the computer ( plus my computer is fucked )

I'm not really upset but I planned it for a while and was gonna post it , I had it all edited and just needed a banger but now I can start fresh and work on something I'm 200% happy with instead of just 100% so that's cool . Basically most clips I worked for but they could probably be 1-upd or crazier so it's cool I know personally what I've done even though people might not believe me . Been into that tech shit so hopefully I won't be too rusty over winter and I can hop on the bike next summer and shred better .

Most probably haven't done this , like I mentioned it wasn't like a professional edit or anything but some material I was pretty pumped . It feels pretty nice just not having any baggage of pushing yourself for an ender or worrying if people like it or not .


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10/16/2015 6:19 AM

Just means you gotta hammer out some better stuff asap yo.

I plan to hammer out a winter edit from the 1-3 parks I will go to.


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10/16/2015 11:24 AM

I was hoping you were quitting bmx


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10/16/2015 3:03 PM

blaaaaaaaaa wrote:

I was hoping you were quitting bmx



10/16/2015 4:34 PM

Happened to me before.

Went to update my phone and it ended up fucking up halfway through the update (Not sure why) and deleted all my shit. I wasn't too worried cause I had a backup stored on my computer... That is until I tried restoring from backup and it wouldn't work. Kept saying it failed to restore from backup so I lost all my shit including a few good clips. Luckily most of the lost clips were from a guy I didn't like, and the other clips of my one friend I had previously emailed to him, so I just saved them from the email even though it was degraded quality.

The worst was losing all my "Footage" from when I first started riding... I lost about a year's worth of old stuff and wasn't too bummed about it but nowadays I miss looking back on that stuff. A lot of that stuff is still on MySpace at least but the videos can't be downloaded using traditional methods sadly. Oh welll..


10/16/2015 6:47 PM



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