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3/30/2015 9:51 PM

I have a rant rear hub and needed to clean it really badly. And when I umscreced it the first but was a race nut and held in the bearings of the tooth price. Or like the free wheel teeth. And then inside there's bearing balls (a lot) and the pawls are in the hub itself not the driver. But when I try and repack my little ball bearings and screw the nut in. It like moves lopsided and is really hard to turn. Any help please.


3/30/2015 10:06 PM

no, we can't help. you probably shouldn't have messed with it.

i kid, but for real, unsealed hubs are not nice to work with, especially the ones with multiple unsealed bearing sets. if they wear out, they can tear apart the rest of the internals real fast, then even all new bearings won't help the worn out cups and cones. it may be more cost effective to buy a sealed wheelset.


3/30/2015 10:08 PM

Those hubs can be a pain in the ass and it's hard to tell you how to do it just by typing but I'll try..

It's one that looks like this right?


Is there a sealed bearing on that side inside of the hub? If so, I think I know exactly what kind of hub it is so I should be able to help.. Been awhile since I had one of those apart so I could be off a bit.

Start with the backside(Side closest to the inside of the hub) and put grease in the bearing races and then 1 by 1 put the tiny balls in there until no more will fit or all the ones that were on that side are in. Then put more grease over the balls but be careful you don't accidentally push any of them out in the process. This will help them stay in place when putting it back on the axle.

Next, I feel like it's easiest if you do the other side of the driver as well, just the same as you did the previous side by greasing the race, putting the balls in, then grease over top that. Do that, and then VERY SLOWLY and VERY CAREFULLY slide the driver onto the axle and into the hub. Make sure none of them move around in the process or fall out. Try holding the driver so it looks like the photo I posted above and insert it into the wheel like that, that way if any of the balls on the outside fall it, it won't be any of the ones on the inside moving around and won't cause your driver to sit lopsided.

Push it into the hub and you might have to turn it backwards like you're back pedaling to get it to slide in there sometimes, but it will go right in and should be fine. Then if any balls fell out of the other side, put them back in and screw the locknuts back on but to get them perfect, you need spanners or very thin wrench.

Try that and see if that helps.


3/30/2015 10:14 PM

No its basicly that reversed. But the driver looks like that yeah.