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5/15/2008 2:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/15/2008 2:25 PM

ok i was feebling and i bent my first sprocket

i somehow bent it back a little to where it was somewhat straight
the chain ended up snaping in half, a day later

my freind gave me a new sproket that he had used that might be a tenny tinny bent (not noticeable) and i bought a new chain..i tighted the chain and rode... it lasted about a day and the new chain broke...

im getting mad HELP


5/15/2008 8:13 PM



5/15/2008 8:15 PM

Well If you have money buy a Sprocket that has guard (odyssey MDS) get a pretty fat chain, kmc 415! and it should be good.
Most people try to have there chain on the side they dont grind


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5/15/2008 8:23 PM

yeah i do too the sprockets on the right i grind left...i febled wrong.

but anywase if i fix the chain and keep it a little looser (chain used to be TIGHT) do you think it could work with out buying a new sprocket?


5/15/2008 9:41 PM

i have ody mds and i love it,,, i have been running it for a year now and i do alot of stalls and grinds on it and i is still perfectly true

ohh yea i have a shadow v2 chain and i have had it for a year and it have never snapped on me


5/15/2008 10:19 PM

how tight was the chain?


5/16/2008 6:37 AM

mabey the part of your crank where you attach the sprocket isnt true so that could be throwing it off


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