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7/29/2017 1:12 PM

New to bmx, and the bmx bikes. Need set of 145mm crank arms for my son's bike, the current ones are to long. I know that I need square tapered and 5 bolt 110mm. I thought that was all that mattered but now I've been seeing some stuff about ISO vs JIS. I understand these are different and have to do with the BB but my question is does it directly affect the crank arms? I was told the DK sprinter junior I got my son is ISO and I just ordered promax cranks that are 5 bolt square tapered 110mm but JIS. Just wondering of they are going to fit and if not any suggestions for good ISO compatible crank arms because I have had trouble finding non JIS listed ones...thank you in advance


7/29/2017 1:41 PM

It'll fit, but you might need a slightly shorter bb to get a good chain line. They're slightly different, so the arms won't go on quite as far as Jis arms would on a Jis axle