(CSB) Finally.... The Build Shall Start.

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5/27/2014 8:43 PM

So I am buying a new 20.75 Matte Black Fit Wifi to replace this.... do not mind the grips, I got new ODI Longnecks.

First goes the Wifi

I am buying a new front wheel, then rebuilding my rear wheel, lacing a new rim (Colony Contour in Black) to my Federal v2 FC. Also going to switch my Odyssey Hawk P-Lyte 2.4 from the front to rear and get a Fly Ruben Rampera 2.35 in the front instead. ALSO a 9 tooth driver for my coaster. 25/10-GR.... SUCKS

After that.
Buying some cranks, chrome preferably, used or new, I have some GOOD ones in mind, Eclat Tibia's, Eclat Onyx 22mm / 24mm, Fit Indent 19mm / 24mm, Primo PRO Chromoly, etc. ALSO a pivotal fat seat, I am thinking of the XL United Beacon in Black, on sale on Dan's for $24.99

And after that.
A new FlyBikes Tractor Chain... I am not set on it but it is a possibility though, this is also a MAYBE but I might get some slightly taller bars, I am riding 8 inch Fit High's, plus 36mm stem rise, and about 10mm of spacers, and it is STILL NOT up to par with me. LOL, I am probably bumping up to 8.25 Inch rise with the stem rise and spacers, that should probably cut it.

There are others, just not wanting to list everything, I think the build can go pretty decently well, and it should TURN OUT pretty decent too, I guess I might update this when I pick the Wifi up tomorrow. Maybe you guys could give some insight or suggestions on the handlebars, I have pretty much NOTHING set in mind specifically, BUT the Animal Big 4's in Chrome look pretty damn good, but either way, hope you fellow Vital users have a good one!...


Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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5/28/2014 7:17 AM
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Just buy whatever breaks.




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