Can I switch axles between these two wheels?

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10/7/2015 4:08 PM

I have the stock rear wheels from a united su2 supreme, and a kink transition (both 2012's) The Kink's axle is a 1-piece, standard type 14mm straight-bar; the united's is this 'male end-pieces that screw into female center axle' dealy, and it's not quite long enough to fully get an axle-nut on once I've got my hub-guard and peg in place (i've stripped multiple axle nuts because of this, and am probably messing up the axle's threading doing this)

Anyways I'm hoping I can just take the 'normal' 14mm axle from my Kink wheel, and install it into my United's wheel - but i've never done hub or axle work on a bike before, it's the only thing i've never done lol i've even laced wheels but i've never had to replace pawls, or swap drivers/axles/bearings before, so I'm unsure if it's even possible and would like to know before just tearing both apart and hoping haha


10/7/2015 4:30 PM

You might be able to swap them. The Kink uses an Odyssey style axle and I know the United wheels off of the United build kits use an Odyssey style axle as well, but I have no idea if the axle from your United wheel is the same thing. It probably is, but without seeing it I can't say for certain