Can I use a front axle from an 18 inch on my 20 inch?

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4/10/2016 7:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/10/2016 7:22 AM

I snapped my front axle by doing a 540 out of fly out. I have a few spare parts including an 18 inch wheel. I need help by Wednesday.


4/10/2016 8:28 AM

If they're the same axle then yes. I'd assume the 18" wheel is unsealed, and probably 10mm. Your front hub has to be unsealed and 10mm too.


4/10/2016 4:40 PM

Yeah if they're unsealed and both of them are the same size & thread count, then you should be able to swap them for sure.

If they're sealed, that will depend on the hub. If they're the same size, they might be interchangeable, but there's a better chance they aren't. Only way to know is to pop them both open and see if the axles match.

If one's sealed and the other is unsealed, nope. Can't do it.


4/12/2016 8:24 AM

It's okay as long as the dropouts on the old forks match the dropout sizes in the new fork. And that you have 36 holes for the spokes. Sealed/unsealed is not too important right now as I guess you are more into cost saving (carrying on parts from your old bike). It's okay if everything fits, and you can save up to buy a new front hub after. It doesn't cost too much, and in a few months, the technology on front hubs could have progressed enormously.


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