Can anyone else sit in their seat and flex their handlebars? Unsure if broken...

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2/8/2017 8:03 AM

I've ridden 9" Vultus bars for years, my last set I cut pretty short but this set is 27" wide and I noticed something - I'm able to sit in my seat, roll up to a wall and put my front wheel against it to position the bike, grasp the bars with the widest grip possible, and flex them forward a small bit!!

I know that bars have some flex to them but didn't know it was something I'd be able to do myself, am worried it's indicative of them being ready to fail or something but at the same time there's zero evidence of cracking (unless cracks can form *under* the chrome?), AND they flex evenly ie it's not like one side flexes more or less than the other, it's just that I can push the grips forward a slight bit (I've 100.0% ruled-out it being anything like the stem or headset, the knurling is still in the same position it was last week, and have had someone watching me do this from the side and it's definitely flexing at the stem ie it's not the stem flexing forward on the fork, it's the bars flexing forward in the stem (with the knurling remaining firmly in-place!))

I'd very much like to hear from someone that they, too, can flex their bars!! I'm strong but not he-man lol, am really unsure whether I've found a soon-to-fail part or just stumbled upon something I'd never noticed before!!


2/8/2017 8:06 AM

Just to be clear these are quasi-new bars, I mean maybe 1-1.5yrs old, the chrome is intact everywhere except the spots where my thumbs go (I usually ride with my thumbs over the bars not under), and I don't do big drops or beat on my bike, also I weigh under 150lbs! So it's not like these have had some 200lbs+ person hopping 5-stair sets for a year, I mean my go-to tricks for fun or practice are grinds, 180's, manuals and stuff like that (am still learning the latter two), I'm not the type of rider that should be breaking stuff especially newer chromoly handlebars :/


2/8/2017 9:42 AM

It's quite unlikely they are broken. Every set of bars does it, just some more than others. One of the big reasons we use 4130 is it's ability to flex rather than break.


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2/8/2017 9:48 AM

My shadow bars were really flexy and I had ones that were way smaller than what you bought. That was the main reason I got rid of them because I do drops and they felt like crap when you landed.


2/8/2017 9:59 AM

No, my bars do not flex, but they're straight gauge and thiccc af. It's normal for really light and tall bars to flex a little. Are these 4pc or 2pc bars? I would be wary of riding 4pc bars with that much flex in em cus those break like chopsticks if you land hard.


2/8/2017 10:12 AM

yep they are broken ur gonna have to buy a whole new bike sorry


2/8/2017 11:33 AM

Shadow bars flex alot.


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2/11/2017 9:18 AM

FaggotSteve wrote:

No, my bars do not flex, but they're straight gauge and thiccc af. It's normal for really light and tall bars to flex a ...more

they're 2-piece bars (chrome shadow vultus 9" bars cut to 27.0" wide; bars are cromo and butted, and I've heard them referred to as 'light bars' although when I compare them on danscomp they don't seem particularly light/heavy compared to other 9" bars)


2/11/2017 9:22 AM

blaaaaaaaaa wrote:

Shadow bars flex alot.

Interesting to know thank you!! This is my 2nd set of them (both 9" vultus, the first were black and cut to ~26.25", never noticed this although I'd never looked, hell I didn't notice it in these chrome ones for many months)

While they may be known for flexing a lot, are they known to break more or less often than others? I'd always heard good things about them but TBH my choice on bars (it was a long journey to find my ideal bars!) was based on up- and back- sweep, I was just thinking so long as they're crmo and the right height, I could care less about any other detail besides the up- and back-sweep of them (I've got bad wrists and am real sensitive to this, for example I'd ridden my lumberjack xl's for a week or two (b4 selling them) and it was terrible my wrists were sore constantly, and it sucked because I *did* like the exaggerated back-sweep in a lot of ways, maybe sometime I'll get to try bars that have my requisite up-sweep (at least 2.5-3deg) but with a larger back-sweep than the vultus (just 10deg)


2/11/2017 9:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/11/2017 9:25 AM

jazza886 wrote:

yep they are broken ur gonna have to buy a whole new bike sorry

I'm afraid of my self-control when I look at frames (Cult's 'Too Short'? DROOOOL!!), last thing I need is to be goaded into buying new ;D

(especially when I'm finally content that my bike is done / almost done! wink,27/Silver-Surfer,1311158#post_2239225 )