Can anyone help me in Las Vegas and Vancouver

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3/21/2011 6:26 AM

Hey guys, i was wondering if any residence of Vegas as well as Vancouver Canada knew of any decent indoor parks that allow bmx most of the days? i travel to Vancouver for riding about every 2 months and I just got back from Vegas but found only 1 park and it would int let bikes in other then one day a week. Any known hot spots for indoor riding would be greatly appreciated.


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3/21/2011 7:06 AM

i just got back from riding las vegas. why do you care if they are indoor? go to pro park (dock romeo) anthem, ymca, don waste your time at skate city, its a shithole. and theres that new park called break n bread its pretty far out but its dope! its indoor and has a foam pit and stuff


3/21/2011 9:20 AM

Unless its raining I would suggest hitting all our 30+ local cement parks. Skatecity was awesome until a skaters mom bought it and forced us out. Break-n-bread is ok, but the trannies are pretty bad and everything is built pretty poorly. We're working on it haha

We hit both parks in this edit. The green walls is skatecity and the other is break-n-bread:,23793/rwg2008,2412

more break-n-bread:,23824/rwg2008,2412