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4/8/2017 10:45 PM

Has anyone used full face helmets for street, hill bombing, or park? From my understanding they are usually used for dirt. I don't ride dirt but I like the safety of full face helmets. When I get my new bike I'm going to do a lot of street and park and a bunch of hill bombing since I live in the Pacific Northwest and I love me some hills. I'm looking at getting the SIX SIX ONE COMP HELMET any pros/cons? Also would you guys suggest getting a full face helmet for my type of riding? If not then what helmets would you suggest, I need something under $100 thats certified and will actually save me.


4/9/2017 2:39 AM

I myself have this helmet. Although I rarely use it (since I rarely go to trails/dirt places), it had served me very well and I have no complaints. I haven't take serious falls besides the minor jump-offs and stuff, but should I had fallen, I'd be much, much more confident than riding a regular skate style helmet.

To answer your question, I think this is a good helmet for park and dirt. I know of none that will ride street with full-face helmets. Maybe Scotty Cranner in a webisode, but that's about it.

I'd recommend starting with a skate style helmet, though. Like a Pro-Tec, S1, etc. Not that a full-face is overkill, but it can be at times. But hey, if you really want it, I give it a solid recommendation!


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4/9/2017 10:48 AM

readybmxer wrote:

I myself have this helmet. Although I rarely use it (since I rarely go to trails/dirt places), it had served me very well and ...more

I'm possibly looking into buying two helmets a full face, and a standard. I really want whatever the helmet that Scotty wears is..but I got no clue what it is. I'll post a pick below Photo
Anyways whatever helmet I end up getting needs to be safe, because I got a mother that wants me wrapped in bubble wrap at all times.


4/9/2017 3:31 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/9/2017 3:34 PM

My GF uses this helmet (661 comp) and I often steal it as its a bit less bulky than my fox , its really light and she loves it and i also like it , My fox is like 2 oz heavier , and yes its good for park /trails. Glad to see more full facers out there, Keep your teeth and stay pretty! smile Full faces aren't overkill at all as Scotty just proved by smashing his face into a wall and needing brain and re constructive surgery and is now re-learning to walk, Based on what i saw , he wouldn't be in that much hurt had he been wearing a fullface. you'll also notice that bigboy has switched to a full face since...I ride street w a fullface only when im doing sketchy shit or into some stuff i haven't learned yet but im also not a nut job on my street runs , If im riding in heavy traffic ill throw my FF on until i get somewhere less car heavy.


4/9/2017 11:02 PM

you don't want a fullface to ride street. Just make sure that the regular helmet you get is 2 things: comfortable (so you'll actually wear it) and that it has that safety certification thing on it.


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4/10/2017 12:48 AM

My friend Anthony rides slopestyle and came 7th place in rotorua and he biffed it on a backflip - bar to whip and slammed pretty hard , and he was wearing just a regular helmet.

If you want a full face go right ahead , but if you're not going crazy odds are you don't need it . Just spend 50$ on a high end mouthguard


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4/10/2017 4:40 AM

Why not go full face? Weigh the benefits. I don't see any reasons not too, besides them being a little heavier, but if you don't have both, you'll never know the difference.
I personally don't use a helmet, because after almost 20 years on a skateboard, and only minorly bonking my head once that I remember. While skating involves much, much, more falling than bmx. It got me cocky thinking I'm good at falling and will never hit my head, and I probably won't on my skateboard, but falling on bikes is a whole new game. It's scary because your arms get wrapped in the handlebars. It's hard to let go in time. You need your arms to protect your head. Sorry for the rant. I guess what I'm saying is, I learned the hard way the other day. Smashed my head pretty good and scared the shit out of myself most of all. I want a helmet now lol.