Can't always land 180's

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8/18/2016 2:59 PM

Am I the only one who practises 180's until I start landing them almost every time but when I start doing them again the next day I can't land one for ages???


8/18/2016 4:32 PM

No. It happens to a lot of people.

Best thing you can do is practice a LOT.


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8/18/2016 8:05 PM

I am in the same boat...I am getting about a 90 on the average right now...which is more than I was getting 2 months ago so it is cool. I could NEVER do stuff like that as a younger rider. I have to get the shift of my body weight going, I can get the height off the ground, but I tend to turn the bike before my head, or my hips shift my weight around so that I bail out of the landing....I sort of practice "running" into it off of my bike to, just trying to get the physical side of it down

It's funny that it is like when I was learning to golf....there are small micro-mechanical shifts in your body that totally affect the whole rotation...if somethign in the whole thing is slightly off, it throws the whole event


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8/19/2016 2:15 PM

Any spin trick is something that takes a TON of practice to get completely dialed. I've been riding for about 3 years and I can land 180s and 3s first try most of the time now unless I'm having a really bad day. But it took me so long to be able to get those tricks dialed.


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