Ceramic Hub & Driver Bearings

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11/28/2013 8:06 PM

I'm wondering if you would notice the difference between ceramic and sealed steel ball bearings. Put into consideration that I jump dirt and I race on the track a lot too. So, I have the money to buy it, should I?


11/28/2013 8:31 PM

i personally dont think it is a good use of money, and wont make much of a noticeable difference unless you race professionally
no park/street/trails guys i have ever heard of use ceramics


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11/28/2013 8:37 PM

Ken Spaulding said they're great for trails.


11/28/2013 10:43 PM

They roll faster, if you want less resistence, sure, why not? haha they are less reliable, keep that in mind tho. So be sure to buy extras and keep the old ones.


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11/29/2013 6:31 AM

I don't ride hard on my trail bike.


11/29/2013 4:33 PM

I mean if you have the money and feel like buying it, I guess go for it


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