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9/21/2016 5:48 AM

I bought my Verde bike, as you all probably know lololol, and the chain has been creaking. The guy at the bike shop said that it's because the bike is new. The bike I've had since late August. Should I tighten it...? Loosen it...?



9/21/2016 5:58 AM

If it isn't too tight, and it isn't too lose, then it may just need to be lubed up some. And if you've only had it since August it still may be breaking in


Ride Until The Day I Die

9/21/2016 10:43 AM

Yeah a new chain will stretch a bit, it will take time for everything to wear into each other. It's the same as the horrible sound you get with a brand new chain on a worn driver. Put a little lube on it and ride hard up a couple of steep hills, that'll probably sort it out