Chain review?

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7/4/2013 10:26 PM

Anyone know how the mechanik half/hollow trac chain is? I know half trac isn't bad but I'm not sure about the hollow


7/5/2013 1:27 AM

Honestly, dont. They snap. Just get the KMC 510HX and you will never look back after that! Thing wont snap for shit! Trust me!


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7/5/2013 1:32 AM

510s are great.........if you don't want to run a half link chain 510s are the only way to go


7/5/2013 4:57 AM

You don't need to run a full chain of half links (they stretch, are a lot weaker than a full length and generally suck)

Just run a blue bird and be done with it. Strong chain with pre installed half link


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