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5/14/2019 9:37 AM

Hi guys, so every time I go out to ride my bmx the chain starts to click and then a few minutes of pedalling later, the chain snaps off from the back hub. My bmx has a new chain and sprocket. Would anyone know the issue ? Also, my sprocket keeps coming loose so this might be a factor as to why the chain comes off but any help would be appreciated


5/14/2019 9:48 AM

Install error, more than likely...


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5/14/2019 10:39 AM

Since you say you have a new chain and sprocket, it could be a worn driver. Could also be that you have an chainline alignment issue.


5/14/2019 1:24 PM

So your sprocket moves? And logic hasn’t told you to sort that out? Or that it’s probably the reason your chain falls off?


5/14/2019 7:24 PM

How loose is your chain? If your wheel isn't pulled back enough to create tension, he chain will easily slide off when jostled around.

But also as said above, if your sprocket isn't tight, that's likely the problem.


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